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From the creator of The X-Files, came Millennium, a series run on Fox for about four years starting in 1996. The television show was filmed in Vancouver and centers around the life of Frank Black, an ex-FBI agent working as a consultant for a dark and mysterious company known to viewers only as the Millennium Group. Frank specializes in forensic profiling, which gives him the skills and determination necessary to hunt down serial killers. Throughout the series, the power and agenda of the Millennium Group is revealed bit by bit to viewers.

Frank and his wife Catherine have a daughter named Jordan, and the family lives in Seattle. It seems that Jordan inherited Frank’s profiling gift, which is perhaps a mix of intuition and psychic ability. He is able to get into the murderer’s mind and anticipate where and when the next attack will take place. While this ability made Frank a great FBI agent, his cases tended to be so dark and evil that he chose to leave the FBI to be with his family. Catherine is a social worker and spends much of her time working with crime victims. She is a selfless wife and mother, and found herself infected with a deadly virus at the end of Season 2. The Millennium Group is responsible for Catherine’s death, which drives Frank back to Washington D.C. to rejoin the FBI.

Season by Season Recap
For anyone who enjoys crime dramas, Season 1 of Millennium has some great episodes to watch. We learn about Frank and see him chasing after and catching murderers. He is established as a very likable character, but as a man torn between working and protecting his family. Viewers begin to understand that while Frank is pursuing justice, the Millennium Group may have less-than-noble motives.

Season 2 brings in a bit more of the science fiction or supernatural flair. Frank never claims to be a psychic, but he definitely has a “gift” that sets him apart from the average detective. Some of the criminal masterminds Frank interacts with this season seem almost demonic. He also realizes that he’s not working for good people, a point that is driven home by the fact that the Millennium Group infects Catherine with a virus and threatens to come after Jordan as well.

The third and final season of Millennium returns to D.C. where Frank rejoins the FBI to work with a new partner, Emma Hollis. Emma brings a new storyline to the show. She is drawn to the field of criminalistics because her sister was murdered, but she has a lot to learn from Frank about how killers think. Over time, Emma is seduced into working for the Millennium Group in order to cure her father of Alzheimer’s – a job transition that Frank vehemently warned her to reconsider. Unable to fully escape the influence of the group, Frank takes his daughter of out school and flees from Washington to end the season and series finale.

Any Future for Millennium?
While the Fox network dropped Millennium after three seasons, the show did develop a large fan base. If you haven’t seen the show before, you can find episodes online, or purchase DVDs of all three seasons. The performances by Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, Klea Scott as Emma Hollis, and Terry O’Quinn as Peter Watts, the face of the Millennium Group, are strong and convincing. All three have gone on to star in new television series and movies, so if you liked Millennium, consider checking out some of their newer work, especially Terry O’Quinn in the popular series, Lost.