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May 31st  


Fox to Advertise Additional Box Sets

Zeta Minor, a website offering news for Region 2 DVD enthusiasts with coverage that emphasizes cult television, has posted new information concerning the eventual release of Millennium's second and third seasons on DVD. The site reports that advertisements to be included with the Region 2 release of Chris Carter's Harsh Realm by Fox Home Entertainment will be promoting "the complete series on DVD," including forthcoming box sets for the show's second and third seasons. "Fox seem bullish about Millennium's prospects on DVD," Zeta Minor notes. "There's an advert on the Harsh Realm disc that promises that all three seasons will be released. Although there's a hardcore audience that will certainly buy all three seasons if they're released, each season was quite different and has its own subset of fans." The on-disc advertisement seems to support information recently reported by the Netherlands-based DVD-Home website, information that indicated the show's second and third seasons had already been scheduled for release. Visit Zeta Minor to read the report or to view screen shots from the Region 2 Harsh Realm release. The website will soon be adding a subsection to its Cult TV area devoted entirely to Millennium.


May 26th  


Magazine Offering Millennium DVD

PC Format magazine, an internationally available publication based in Britain, will be offering its readers an episode of Millennium this summer. A "complete episode of the sci-fi horror series from the creator of The X-Files, Chris Carter" — the show's pilot episode — will be featured on the promotion-laden DVD included with the magazine's next monthly issue. The issue is scheduled to be on newsstand shelves beginning June 17th. The promotional disc will surely serve to encourage sales for the international release of Millennium's first season on DVD this July. Visit Millennium Desktop UK or PC Format for further details concerning the magazine's availability.


May 19th  


Harsh Realm Release Scheduled

Fox Home Entertainment has added Millennium: The Complete First Season to the list of upcoming DVDs at their official website and has added a listing for the title at Foxstore.com, their official online store. Additionally, Fox has announced a date for the release of Chris Carter's Harsh Realm on DVD. A box set collecting all nine episodes of the short-lived series — episodes that include memorable performances from Terry O'Quinn, Sarah-Jane Redmond, and Lance Henriksen — will hit stores on August 24th in the United States and July 12th in the United Kingdom. The three-disc collection is expected to include a commentary recorded by Chris Carter as well as production featurettes and television spots. Like Millennium, Harsh Realm is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.


May 14th  


Millennium Fan Films in Production

Production has begun on Millennium Apocalypse, an original series of fan produced web episodes that will serve as a spin-off to the Millennium television series. Actress and model Shoni Alysse Cook has been cast as Jordan, the grown daughter of Frank Black, and the short films will follow her involvement with the Millennium Group. Jason Morris, the project's coordinator and director, explains, "Digital Shadow Films, together with some of the greatest people I have met on the web, has begun the long journey to resurrect Millennium in a spin-off incarnation of the Ten-Thirteen and Chris Carter television drama. We are creating a season-long show that will be exclusively aired only on the web. Our hope is to release one ten minute episode every week. At the end of the season a DVD will be compiled of all the episodes edited into a feature-length version of the entire season." Work on the project is already underway and the first video promoting the series of shorts is now available for download. Viewers should visit the official Millennium Apocalypse website to stay up-to-date on the latest developments concerning the film serial.


May 12th  


Morgan & Wong Developing Darkwatch

Glen Morgan and James Wong, the writing/producing pair behind Millennium's second season, have lined up what may be their next big screen release. Variety has reported that the duo is currently developing a motion picture script based on the forthcoming video game Darkwatch: Curse of the West. Some of the key concepts behind the sci-fi western will be familiar to Millennium viewers. Cinescape explains, "The Darkwatch game follows the adventures of a clandestine group that battles evil forces in the old west. The game's main character is a fellow named Jericho Cross, a train robber that is recruited by Darkwatch to fight a gang of vampires." Morgan and Wong are also said to be involved in the development of the Darkwatch video game, which is expected for Playstation 2 and Xbox next year. Visit Cinescape or Variety online for further details on the duo's latest project.


May 9th  


DVD Sales on the Rise

Millennium: The Complete First Season has reached something of an online sales milestone. Since the set was first made available for pre-order at Amazon.com on April 30th, the collection's sales have continued to escalate. Today, for the first time, Millennium's Amazon sales rank earned it a place among the top five DVD titles. "The calculation is based on Amazon.com sales and is updated regularly," the online retailer explains. "The top 10,000 best sellers are updated each hour to reflect sales in the preceding 24 hours." While the numbers fluctuate regularly, Millennium currently remains listed among Amazon's top-selling DVDs. With the box set's scheduled debut more than two months away, these statistics offer the promise of a successful release. Visit Amazon.com to view the bestselling titles or to pre-order your copy of Millennium: The Complete First Season.


May 6th  


Behind the Scenes with Henriksen

Moviegoers can look forward to seeing Lance Henriksen take to the big screen once again this summer as one of the stars of the science fiction blockbuster Alien vs. Predator. The film's official website recently added a promotional featurette to its downloads featuring director Paul W. S. Anderson and film stars including Henriksen, Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, and Colin Salmon. "I wrote the role of Charles Bishop Weyland for Lance," Anderson explains behind the scenes, "because I wanted to have some casting continuity between our movie and the Alien franchise." Henriksen goes on to explain how the character is connected to his well-known role as the android Bishop. Visit Alien vs. Predator online to view the video interview or to catch a glimpse of Lance's latest role. Alien vs. Predator will hit the big screen this August.


May 5th  


Happy Birthday to Lance

Today Lance Henriksen celebrates a birthday. The Millennium star is 64. Born in New York, New York, Henriksen took interest in the cinema at an early age and went on to become a graduate of the Actors Studio and one of Hollywood's most unforgettable faces. Known to film fans worldwide for his world-weary appearance, Henriksen once commented, "There's an element in acting where they hand you a script and you know everything there is to know about this character. You know what's going to happen at the end of the movie. That in itself gives you a sense of world-weariness. It's like knowing your own death, every time. There must also be a world-weariness in me that people pick up on. I'm nothing like that. I'm really not, man! But there are things that we see in each other that we never talk about and they must see that in my soul." Recently, the ever-prolific Henriksen has finished work on over a half dozen forthcoming films including Modigliani, Out for Blood, Hellraiser: Hellworld, The Chosen One, and Starkweather. The Abyss extends its warmest birthday wishes on behalf of Millennium fans everywhere. Visit Lance Henriksen Magic to read more about this remarkable man and his fascinating career.


May 2nd  


Additional DVD Dates Revealed

Further international release dates for Millennium's first DVD box set have been announced along with some surprising claims concerning the show's future in the medium. Millennium's release in Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg has been confirmed for July 28th thanks to DVD Report magazine. The DVD-Home website has announced that Millennium: The Complete First Season will arrive in the Netherlands on July 26th. Fans in the Netherlands, in fact, can now pre-order the item at vanLeest. Unexpectedly, DVD-Home has also posted release dates for box sets collecting the show's second and third seasons. The website has declared that Millennium: The Complete Second Season will arrive in the Netherlands on October 26th, 2004 and that Millennium: The Complete Third Season will be available on February 12, 2005. Webmaster Nancy Mulder cites 20th Century Fox Netherlands as the source for the dates. If these additional release dates are valid, can we expect the show's second and third seasons in the United States and Britain within the same timeframe? While there has been no confirmation from any other division of Fox Home Entertainment that there will be further Millennium DVD sets, this news may hint at announcements yet to come. Visit DVD-Home for the Netherlands news and the Region 2 release schedule.


April 30th  


Millennium Available at Amazon

The forthcoming Millennium DVD box set is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com. The site is among the first online retailer in the United States —  along with MediaPlay and Best Buy — to offer the Region 1 release for sale. Amazon.com's product listing includes some of the information previously announced by Fox Home Entertainment, including the July release date and the fact that this will be a six-disc box set. The website explains, "This item will be released on July 20, 2004. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives." Amazon is offering Millennium: The Complete First Season for the pre-order price of $41.99, a 30% reduction from the suggested retail price. Visit Amazon.com to pre-order Millennium on DVD.






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