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Millennium on DVD


Retired serial-profiler Frank Black has moved his family to Seattle to escape the violence and horror he dealt with while working for the FBI in Washington, D.C. Although his uncanny and often unsettling ability to see into the twisted minds of serial killers has caused him much inner torment, Black knows his "gift" can still be used to help protect and save others. For that reason he has joined the mysterious Millennium Group, a team of underground ex-law enforcement experts dedicated to fighting against the ever-growing forces of evil and darkness in the world.



Millennium: The Complete First Season will be released on DVD by Fox Home Entertainment in July of 2004.


The six-disc box set includes all twenty-two episodes of the show's first season and has a total running time of 946 minutes. Millennium is to be released in the United States and Canada on July 20th, days after the show's July 12th release in the United Kingdom. The list price for the set is $59.98 in the US, $89.98CAN in Canada, and 39.99 in the UK.


The specifics for the Region 1 set provided by Fox show that the video is presented in 1.33:1 full screen and that the audio offers Dolby Surround Sound in English, Spanish, and French. Subtitles are available in English and Spanish. As expected, the set also includes significant bonus features. Commentary tracks have been attached to the episodes "Pilot," "Gehenna," and "The Judge" and will feature series creator Chris Carter, director David Nutter, and others. Three original featurettes, documentaries offering insight into the production of the series, will also be included. A disc-by-disc breakdown of the collection is offered below...



Millennium: The Complete First Season

  • Disc One

    • "Pilot"

      • Commentary by Creator/Writer/Executive Producer Chris Carter

    • "Gehenna"

      • Commentary by Director David Nutter

    • "Dead Letters"

    • "The Judge"

      • Commentary TBA


  • Disc Two

    • "522666"

    • "Kingdom Come"

    • "Blood Relatives"

    • "The Well-Worn Lock"


  • Disc Three

    • "Wide Open"

    • "The Wild and the Innocent"

    • "Weeds"

    • "Loin Like a Hunting Flame"


  • Disc Four

    • "Force Majeure"

    • "The Thin White Line"

    • "Sacrament"

    • "Covenant"


  • Disc Five

    • "Walkabout"

    • "Lamentation"

    • "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions"

    • "Broken World"


  • Disc Six

    • "Maranatha"

    • "Paper Dove"

    • Bonus Features

      • "Order In Chaos: Making Millennium Season One" Featurette

      • "The Academy Group" Featurette

      • "Main Title Design" Featurette

      • TV Spots for all 22 episodes



During a live chat with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Senior Vice President Peter Staddon on January 12, 2004 Home Theater Forum visitors were first told that Millennium would be made available in 2004. "Millennium and Harsh Realm will be out on DVD this year," Staddon announced when questioned. "The first season of Millennium is some of the finest TV ever produced in my humble opinion and I'm glad we can finally bring it out on DVD."


The news came after nearly four years of struggling on the part of both fans of the series and Staddon to get 20th Century Fox's attention. "There were a number of reasons delaying the release," Staddon explained. "Part of it was waiting for TV DVD to take off and have a bigger audience for the set to sell against and part of it was waiting until we had The X-Files finished... I hope it sells as I pushed this through some skeptical people in the office."


Millennium will arrive on DVD in North America on July 20th and in Britain on July 12th. The Region 1 DVDs are now available for pre-order at such sites as Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Wall-Mart, MediaPlay, Best Buy and R1DVD.com. The Region 2 release can be purchased at such online retailers as ChoicesDirect.com, MVC.co.uk, DVD Street, HMV, and Play.com.


Websites such as Home Theater Forum, TV Shows on DVD, DavisDVD.com, DVD Times, and Lance Henriksen Magic have offered breaking news regarding the release. Millennium, at last, will receive some of the attention it so rightly deserves. As always, news concerning the forthcoming box set will be posted at the Millennial Abyss as it becomes available.