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News Archive


April 2004


April 30th  


Millennium Available at Amazon

The forthcoming Millennium DVD box set is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com. The site is among the first online retailer in the United States   along with MediaPlay and Best Buy to offer the Region 1 release for sale. Amazon.com's product listing includes some of the information previously announced by Fox Home Entertainment, including the July release date and the fact that this will be a six-disc box set. The website explains, "This item will be released on July 20, 2004. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives." Amazon is offering Millennium: The Complete First Season for the pre-order price of $41.99, a 30% reduction from the suggested retail price. Visit Amazon.com to pre-order Millennium on DVD.


April 26th  


Henriksen Responds to Fans

Sue Myatt, in conjunction with the This is Who We Are fan forum, conducted an interview with Lance Henriksen on April 24th. The actor spoke at length on a variety of subjects, responding to twenty-six original questions that had been prepared by his fans. In addition to talking about the film industry, his lengthy career, and his passion for pottery, Henriksen offered insight regarding his experience working on Millennium, commenting, "The positive side was knowing how rich my life was. I took it seriously. It was a psychological nightmare, facing all the demons that there are. It gave me a lot of faith in human beings." The Millennium star, who described his reaction to the show's cancellation by explaining that the news left him "numb," also reaffirmed his interest in playing the character of Frank Black again. Visit Lance Henriksen Magic or This is Who We Are to read a complete transcript of the interview.


April 25th  


Reruns Return to Sci-Fi UK

After several weeks without airings, Millennium has returned to Sci-Fi UK. Frank Black can now be seen on screens across Great Britain each and every morning of the week, although viewers will have to stay up fairly late to catch a glimpse of him. Episodes are now showing each morning at approximately 4:00am.  Reruns began yesterday with an airing of the show's pilot episode. Visit the newly redesigned Sci-Fi UK website for more information on the network's schedule. The Abyss airdates subsection will, as always, remain regularly updated to reflect that schedule.


April 22nd  


Fox Unveils Millennium DVDs

Fox Home Entertainment has unveiled the cover artwork, release date, and all technical specifications for the forthcoming Millennium DVD collection. The six-disc box set, labeled Millennium: The Complete First Season, will offer all twenty-two episodes of the show's first year. As expected, the set also includes significant bonus features. Commentary tracks have been attached to the episodes "Pilot," "Gehenna," and "The Judge" and will feature series creator Chris Carter, director David Nutter, and others. Three original featurettes, documentaries offering insight into the production of the series, will also be included. Millennium is to be released in the United States and Canada on July 20th, days after the show's July 12th release in the United Kingdom. The retail list price for the set will be $59.98 in the United States, $89.98CAN in Canada. The specifics released by Fox show that the video will be presented in 1.33:1 full screen and that the audio will offer Dolby Surround Sound in English, Spanish, and French. DVD Times and TV Shows on DVD were the first to break the news. The dreams of Millennium fans everywhere are fast becoming a reality. Complete details, including a disc-by-disc breakdown, have been added to this site's DVD news subsection. No retailers in the United States are know to be offering the series for pre-order as of yet.


April 19th  


Live Henriksen Chat Scheduled

A live online chat with the star of Millennium will take place later this week at This is Who We Are, the Millennium fan forum. The chat is being held in conjunction with Lance Henriksen Magic, the website devoted to celebrating the actor's career. "Lance Henriksen will be doing a live chat with his fans," writes webmaster Sue Myatt. "This is your chance to talk direct with the man of the moment and ask him all those questions you have been dying to ask him." The chat is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 24th. Fans looking to participate in the event should read all of the relevant details and qualifications that have been posted at This is Who We Are, where questions are currently being accepted from fan participants. A full transcript of the questions and answers will be made available following the interview event.


April 16th  


July Release Confirmed

With a UK release date of July 12th confirmed for the forthcoming Millennium DVDs, fans have been left wondering when Fox Home Entertainment might begin promoting the release of the series in the United States. Official confirmation has now been received that Region 1 Millennium DVDs will be made available at approximately the same time as their Region 2 counterparts. The first print advertisement for the Millennium release has been unveiled at DavisDVD.com. The ad, expected to be included with boxed sets of The X-Files' ninth season, announces that both Millennium and Harsh Realm will be available this summer. Prompted by the recent buzz, TVShowsonDVD.com contacted Fox for some straight facts concerning the release schedule. "According to Fox, Millennium: The Complete First Season will arrive in July 2004," the site announced. "They would not reveal the specific date yet. This will be a 6-DVD set, with 22 episodes and includes supplements (interviews with the cast and crew are known to have been recorded). List price is expected to be $59.98, but that's not set in stone yet." Chris Carter's Harsh Realm, to be released as a 3-DVD set that includes all nine episodes of the series, will also arrive sometime this summer.


April 6th  


DVDs Overseas in July

The long-awaited DVD release of Millennium's first season will occur sooner than many expected. Fox Home Entertainment UK has been the first to organize a release date for the forthcoming discs. Fans in the United Kingdom will be able to purchase the first Millennium DVD box set on July 12, 2004. Fox UK's official website was the first to reveal the date in a schedule of upcoming releases. In the wake of this announcement, several online sellers have begun offering Millennium DVDs for pre-order. Both ChoicesDirect.com and MVC.co.uk now list Millennium. The sites reveal that the suggested retail price for the box set is 39.99. Thanks are extended to Millennium Desktop UK for breaking this news concerning the Region 2 release. No information has been made available yet regarding Millennium's North American release, although it is expected that the discs will arrive within the same timeframe.


April 2nd  


O'Quinn Moves to the West Wing

Terry O'Quinn is proving to be as prolific as ever since the cancellation of Millennium, continuing to be seen regularly on television in prominent guest roles. Already a familiar face to many viewers, the actor has now assumed the recurring role of General Nicholas Alexander on the acclaimed drama The West Wing, ensuring regular guest appearances in the weeks and months to come. O'Quinn replaces actor John Amos as the show's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. O'Quinn has also been seen recently on Alias, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Navy NCIS. Interested viewers should keep an eye out for the actor in upcoming episodes.


March 2004


March 22nd  


Revelation 1:3

Revelation, the magazine of apocalyptic art and literature, has continued to grow since its debut in 2003 to become an eclectic and engaging quarterly showcase of original works. Most recently, "The End of America," Revelation's intriguing first theme issue, has been released. The fifty-page collection presents all-new tales of apocalypse with a patriotic twist, offering stories that explore how an end to the United States of America might mean the end of the world as we know it. As usual, the art and fiction deliver an eclectic mix of the dramatic, horrific, amusing, and the outright bizarre. Visit the official website and follow the links to check out the latest issue of Revelation.

February 2004


February 19th  


Inside Lance Henriksen

Sue Myatt, the woman behind the Lance Henriksen Magic website, has long dedicated herself to profiling one of the world's most intriguing actors.  Visiting Henriksen recently in Prague, where he was busy filming the upcoming Alien vs. Predator, Myatt conducted an exhaustive interview concerning his life, his career, and his future.  While the first installment of the interview focuses exclusively on Henriksen's Alien vs. Predator work, the second installment delves deep into Lance's thoughts concerning Millennium and his connection with the character of Frank Black.  "Even when the show was over, I'd still be thinking about it.  I had notes," Lance reveals.  "I kept stringent notes about the last case I just read, so that if any of these things started to feed into each other I'd detect it.  So, it was like a lifestyle.  The problem was that I never let it go."  The interview provides some fascinating insight into both Henriksen's most noteworthy character and the character of the man himself.  Visit Lance Henriksen Magic to read the complete first and second installments of the interview, and watch that site for future installments and the latest Lance news.


February 10th  


DVDs Feature Bonus

The form of Millennium's DVD release is beginning to take shape following 20th Century Fox's announcement that the series will be coming soon, and the details are promising.  Specifically, material is being compiled for the DVD's bonus features.  Michael R. Perry is the latest Millennium staffer to have been interviewed by the company producing supplementary bonus material for the box sets.  He joins Lance Henriksen, Chris Carter, Chip Johannessen, and Robert McLachlan, all having taped interviews regarding the series.  In the coming weeks interviews are planned with James Wong, Mark Snow, and others.  The forthcoming discs will, thankfully, include Millennium and more.  While no date has been scheduled for the release of Millennium's first season, the production company has indicated they expect the set sometime this summer.  Further details, as always, will be posted as they become available.


February 3rd  


Radio Times Spooked

British television viewers, in a recent issue of the BBC magazine Radio Times, have declared that they fondly remember Millennium as downright spooky.  An article in the January 31st - February 6th edition of Radio Times ranked the top twenty television shows British viewers found spookiest.  "At Radio Times, we turned the lights down low, shone torches up at our faces and freaked each other out with stories of the television that most spooked us."  With The X-Files ranked number two on the list, Frank Black and Millennium followed unexpectedly in fourteenth place.  "Launched as a police drama, it fooled nobody," the magazine commented. "We knew it was from X-Files creator Chris Carter. What we didn't expect was that it would be much darker than The X-Files, or that its hero, Frank Black, would be so tortured. Frank could see into the minds of murderers -- and when that ceased to spook us, he saw ever creepier conspiracy."  Pick up Radio Times for the full top twenty listing, which includes such shows as Twin Peaks, The Twilight Zone, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



January 2004


January 27th  


iTunes Offers Millennium Music

2004 is proving to be a fulfilling year for long-dedicated Millennium fans.  Following the announcement that Millennium will be released on DVD later this year, fans have discovered that an official soundtrack for the series is now available!  The Best of Millennium, a collection of Mark Snow's score for the series comprising over one hour of music, is being offered by Apple's iTunes.  The twenty-two track electronic album includes atmospheric songs from such episodes as "Pilot," "Marantha," "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense," "Midnight of the Century," "The Time is Now," "Omerta," and "Goodbye to All That" as well as a never-before-heard, three-minute extended version of the classic Millennium theme song.  This is the first official soundtrack release for Millennium and the quality of the files is top notch.  The complete album download is being sold for $9.99 while listeners can buy individual songs for 99.  Millennium fans have been waiting years for the show's score.  Apparently, the growing trend toward online music sales has finally made this album release possible.  Visit iTunes and download the appropriate software to obtain the official Millennium soundtrack today.


January 23rd  


Revelation 1:2

The second issue of Revelation, the art and literary zine devoted exclusively to creative depictions of the apocalypse, is now available.  Nearly twice the size of its predecessor, the forty-six page issue collects a new line-up of original short stories, essays, poetry, artwork, and photography.  Millennium fans are sure to find something of interest in the tales and artwork presented; each and every piece, of course, features the usual end-of-the-world twist.  Visit the zine's official website to grab your copy of the latest, all-new Revelation.


January 13th  


Millennium Coming to DVD

Millennium will be released on DVD in 2004, according to a representative of 20th Century Fox. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief; our seemingly endless fight to see the series preserved in a worthy format has been brought to a successful conclusion. During a live chat with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment representative Peter Staddon last night, Home Theater Forum visitors were told that both Millennium and Harsh Realm will be made available in the coming months. "Millennium and Harsh Realm will be out on DVD this year," Staddon announced when questioned. "The first season of Millennium is some of the finest TV ever produced -- in my humble opinion -- and I'm glad we can finally bring it out on DVD." The news comes after nearly four years of struggles on the part of both fans of the series and Staddon to get 20th Century Fox's attention. "There were a number of reasons delaying the release," Staddon explained. "Part of it was waiting for TV DVD to take off and have a bigger audience for the set to sell against and part of it was waiting until we had The X-Files finished... I hope it sells as I pushed this through some skeptical people in the office." It's expected that the first Millennium set will be unveiled sometime after the final season of The X-Files is released this spring. Lance Henriksen Magic has also reported that series star Lance Henriken recently filmed an interview regarding the series that may be used for the set's special features. Visit Home Theater Forum for the complete chat transcript or TV Shows on DVD and Lance Henriksen Magic for the news. Millennium, at last, will receive some of the attention it so rightly deserves. As always, all details concerning the upcoming release will be posted here as they become available.


January 13th  


Millennium Voted Most Wanted

Thanks to the ever-motivated Millennium fan base, the series was ranked first in the Most Wanted DVD Release category of the IGN DVD 2003 Year-End Awards. While the site's editor was clearly not impressed by Millennium's aggressive devotees, openly complaining regarding the quantity of ballots voicing a Millennium vote, the show was recognized. "I've already explained what happened with this DVD," editor Andy Patrizio comments. "Before you complain, hey, it's called getting out the vote. The Millennium fans got out the vote." Millennium received a total of 122 votes. Visit IGN DVD for the complete award results. In what has been a thrilling turn of events, this notice has served simply as a prelude to that most eagerly awaited Millennium announcement...eagerly awaited Millennium announcement...