Revelation, the magazine of apocalyptic art and literature, has grown to become an eclectic and engaging quarterly showcase of original works. The third issue broadens the publication's horizons and offers readers an intriguing twist on the usual end-of-the-world scenarios.


“The End of America,” the magazine’s first ever theme issue, presents eight tales exploring how the end of the United States of America might mean the end of the world as we know it. The latest, all-new collection includes “Instant Karma” by James Kosub, “The First Edition” by Carole Tyrrell, “The Prince of the United States” by Michael Bugg, “Retribution Drive” by Davin Ireland, “Market Force Majeur” by Joe Tangari, "Potiphar's Daughter" by Paige Kimble, "Beneath Us" by Adam Chamberlain, and "America: A Prophecy" by Philip Reyth, with art by Neil Harmeyer, Teresa Tunaley, and acclaimed horror illustrator Mike Bohatch.


Read Revelation to ignite your imagination with stunning new apocalyptic nightmares and bizarre doomsday scenarios.




Millennium, visionary producer Chris Carter's darkest television drama, is coming to DVD. Celebrate Frank Black's unending struggle against the rising tide of evil at the Millennial Abyss, the internet's premier tribute to the series. Prepare for the show's DVD release by exploring Millennium news, essays, artwork, links, fiction, downloads, and an exhaustive episode guide.


Wait. Worry. The time is near.



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